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I haven't updated in a long time, woah. I thought one of my summer goals was to keep up with this! I'll attempt a real entry tomorrow.
Boo, I'm such a loser nowadays. I have 5 days off for Fourth of July weekend, no plans, on not planning on it.

Sub Woofed.

Now that my parents have remodeled our lving room, being at home isn't so bad. Well, obviously, I am meaning to move out by August, but the new sound system is making the transition much easier. I watched Black Hawk Down insanely loud, and the fucking couch was TREMBLING with all the explosions. The sub has been officially woofed :]. I forgot how amazing of a movie that is! Dad has the book, so I borrowed it off him. I haven't read at all this summer. I also borrowed "The Case Against Israel" but it's a bit over my head. I'm going to force myself to learn more about world events so I can seem smarter.
I need lots of new hobbies to distract myself from Peter. It's soooo hard to not talk to him. We use to talk or see eachother everyday. What is this stupid "however long he needs" break, how long is it going to last, and why the hell did he need one? I'm so nervous I'm going to try to talk to him too early and I'll ruin our chances. We haven't talked since Saturday. I count the hours. I wonder what he is doing and if he is enjoying this "break" he needed so badly.
So new hobbies?
-Get a pet or somethin to cuddle with
-Running (I am so lazy and barely move)

Jun. 17th, 2010

Oh my god, I got the Sims 3 again! I'm never going to have a life...

Chickadee Chickadee!

 I borrowed my mom's digital camera and took a few photos with Krista at Fort Williams/ Peter's house. I want to upload and post a few when I figure the damn thing out.

I was thinking today, it's been about a year and a half since I got my tattoo. It looks great and all, but since I have income now, I should probably get it finished. I think I should make an appointment for that before I make any other big purchase. Because once I finish the chickadees, I can think about other new tattoo ideas :]


I finally have a day off tomorrow and it's supposed to be GORGEOUS out!!! I am so excited, after working three days straight I really love Tuesdays. Mondays are hell, honestly. I barely spoke at work and my mom kept asking me what was wrong and it made me even more annoyed... grrrrr....

But tomorrow, I'm not sure of what to do? I bought some shrooms off Jeremy, but he hasn't given them to me yet. Is it even a good idea, I don't have anyone to do them with either. Oh well, I'm just going to try and wake up early so I can take advantage of the day, something I haven't done all summer.

Peter just yelled to me, "My eye is itchy and I think there is blood in it! Help me!" Gotta go help the boyfraaanddd.
My dad gave me an old pair of computer speakers, and I must say it's pretty sick. I can really bump it now, which was impossible on my lappy speakers. New stuff makes me happy. Thus, I am making a list of stuff I need or want, it just depends on how you see it.
Yum. My classic favorite shoes got destroyed this winter. So it is important I replace them before inflation in the United States. How else can I maintain my image of "short shorts ugg girl"?
Because why the fuck shouldn't I have one? I haven't researched brands enough to know what type I want. Just something cheap-oh and efficient.
A northface rain jacket. Because I only have shitty ass jackets, besides my dressy ones. I'll have to check out the selection at Dick's or Olympias. And well I am there get a new black fleece I lost drunk at that party the other night. I loved that fleece :-(.
I miss having geckos :-(
Screw you, Peter's old roommate, for taking Nintendo 64 Tetris AND Pokemon Snap from me. I found both of them on ebay, will probably get them soon.

Anddd tons of other shit. New clothes, an apartment, PS3 stuff, my license back, a car, a tan, a gym membership. But that top 5 has been on my mind for a while and I finally have money so YESSSSSSSSSS. After my next paycheck on Wednesday I'll pick up Uggs or the Jacket, IDK which. Oh, and work was really fun today for a change :-).

First Entry

Well, this summer has been a bit boring. I've been lacking in the social department, bored out of my skull, and I think this may help. This, as in a livejournal. Join communities, be able to waste time on here, instead of even more unproductive things, like lurking the internet (Oh jeez). I've had about a million of these accounts since junior year in highschool, and this time I want to stick with it. Good luck to me!



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